Pedro Villavicencio - Mexico
Pedro Villavicencio - Mexico

Pedro Villavicencio - Mexico

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White Peach, Assam Tea & Root Beer Candy

PRODUCER: Pedro Villavicencio
REGION: San Juan Ozolotepec,Sierra Sur, Oaxaca
PROCESS: Fully Washed
VARIETIES: Typical & Pluma

Pedro Villavicencio’s coffee is balanced and smooth with a chocolate foundation that opens up into the maltiness of an Assam tea. Lightly floating above the smooth foundation we see a soft fruitiness that reminds us of white peach and crisp Asian pear. The whole cup is held together by a slightly spiced sweetness like a root beer hard candy.

 Pedro is a member of the coffee growning community in San Juan Ozolotepec; part of Sierra Sur, Oaxaca. Members of this community share their land and equipment; each managing a plot of land between 1 and 5 hectares and some traveling as much as 2 hours to reach their plot. 

 On his 2 hectare farm, Pedro grows both Typica and the more rare variety, Pluma. Upon harvest, he does an 18-24 hour fermentation before 6-10 days drying. His coffee is smooth, balanced and sweet - so eaisly sippable you’ll be shocked how quily you’re looking to top it off again.