Ojo de Agua - Peru

Ojo de Agua - Peru

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Pomegranate - Vanilla Cream - Earl Grey

FARMER: Roberto Herrera
REGION: La Palma, Chirinos
VARIETY: Caturra

Ojo de Agua is bright, juicy and sweet. Right off the bat we're tasting pomegranate juice with hints of floral aromatics and citrus. These together call to mind a fine Earl Grey tea. As the cup cools we the fruitless open up with a touch of spice, reminding us of a fresh, warm peach and berry cobbler; perfect for the season. 

Finca Ojo de Agua is owned by Roberto Herrera in the town of La Palma, Chirinios. This area has become one of the most respected in the Cajamarca region. Here he grows approximately 6,000 Caturra trees. After picking only the ripest of cherries, Roberto allows his coffee to ferment without water for 28 to 35 hours before completely rinsing the coffee three times. This modified washed process, with a dry fermentation, helps draw out the red fruit and citrus notes the Caturra variety is famous for. Following this, Roberto ensures the coffee is completely dried over 15 to 20 days. When traveling through farms in this region a few years ago, we took note of the common practice of slowly drying coffees, a necessity due to the rainforest environment. We feel this contributes to preserving the vibrancy of coffees from this area.