Muchagara - Kenya
Muchagara - Kenya

Muchagara - Kenya

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Kumquat, Rose Tea & Black Currant

PRODUCERS: Baragwi association members
REGION: Kirinyaga County
PROCESS: Fully Washed
VARIETIES: SL28, SL34 & Batian

Muchagara starts off with a range of complex balance of citrus and berry flavors. We’re seeing the citrus expressed as grapefruit and kumquat. The berry flavors call to mind the bright roundness of currants and elderberries. There is a beautiful undertone of floral aromas similar to a rose blossom green tea. Cooling the fruit flavors continue to open up, making this an cup that calls you back for another sip.

The Muchagara washing station is of twelve supporting the Baragwi association; a group of over 15,000 coffee farmers - the largest in Kenya. It is located near Mt. Kenya in Kirinyaga County, near the edge of Nyeri. This area is known for its very fertile soil.

In order to maintain consistency throughout their mills, employees of Baragwi rotate to another mill in the association every two years. This also encourages the sharing of information and best practices.