Luhihi - DR Congo

Luhihi - DR Congo

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Plum Jam - Brown Sugar - Cherry Cobbler

PRODUCERS: 350 Smallholder Farmers
REGION: Kabare Territory, South-Kivu Province
VARIETIES: Blue Mountain, Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai & Kabare 2

Luhihi's first flavors to come to mind are ripe figs and plums with a lot of brown sugar, nutmeg and clove. These flavors work together in a way to remind us of Dr. Pepper. As it opens up a little more we're tasting a slight shift to apple and molasses. Continuing to sip as the cup cools we see the fruit turn to a brighter cherry note and resolve into a fresh baked fruit cobbler.

This washing station is part of the SOPACDI cooperative, founded by Joachim Munganga, a coffee farmer himself. The group began in 2003 when he restored a washing station, providing services and market access to the farmers in these extremely high elevations. Before Joachim began this work, farmers in there area had no way to transfer finished coffee to market and had to barter their cherry locally for food, clothing and necessities. The group was the first Fair Trade certified in DR Congo and also carries organic certification. They support 5,600 members, representing multiple ethnic groups with three different languages spoken. About twenty percent of the membership is women, many of whom are widows.

The SOPACDI coffees are separated by washing station and each member is paid for what they contribute, based on volume. Coffee is traceable back to the individual farmers it suppers. Each mill has strong quality control and processing standard, allowing them to produce exceptional coffee. This particular station supports 350 members, each with a very small farm.