La Chumeca - Costa Rica GOLD LABEL RESERVE
La Chumeca - Costa Rica GOLD LABEL RESERVE

La Chumeca - Costa Rica GOLD LABEL RESERVE

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Passionfruit - Watermelon Candy - Agave Nectar

PRODUCER: Martín Ureña
REGION: Tarrazú
PROCESS: Cherry-dried
VARIETIES: Catuai & Caturra

La Chumeca initially starts off with tropical fruit and berry flavors, calling to mind mango, blackberry, passionfruit and mangosteen. As it cools it opens up into a soft herbal sweetness that reminds us of agave nectar and sugar cane juice. The cup continues to develop, gaining more clarity around the fruit flavors with watermelon hard candy becoming a stand out flavor.
Martín Ureña comes from a family of life long coffee producers. The La Chumeca micromill actually neighbors his brother Edgar's mill. Together they share their innovative quick floating system, which enables them to produce some of the most carefully sorted cherry dried coffee we have ever interacted with.
Back in 2014 Tony first met the family through their other brother Cesar at his micromill Don Pepe, before Martín and Edgar established their own mills. A few years later he returned to Costa Rica and visited the two brothers new mills. La Chumeca has since grown and now supports over 50 drying tables.