La Bolania - Peru
La Bolania - Peru

La Bolania - Peru

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Pecan Pie - Apple Butter - Honey Whipped Cream

PRODUCER: Odar Velazco
REGION: Chirinos, Cajamarca
VARIETY: Caturra, Bourbon, & Gesha

La Bolania is a simply a "great drinking coffee." That may sound obvious, but we find this smooth and balanced coffee to just feel right as our morning sipper. It is smooth and balanced, with the first impression reminding us of pecan pie. However, shortly after that first sip, a round fruitiness pushes forward with depth and a sweetness that reminds us of apple butter. Throughout the cup there is a soft creaminess similar to a honey infused whipped cream.

Finca La Bolania is a small farm owned by Odar Velazco in the Chorines region of Cajamarca. He has around 7,000 trees, in total, with a mixture of Caturra, Bourbon, and Gesha varieties. Each year Odar produces between 1,750 and 2,500 pounds of coffee. 

When visiting the area a few years ago, a few things stood out about the Cajamarca region. Most producers in the region use long fermentation and drying times on their coffees. We find a correlation here with the additional clarity and sweetness we find in coffees from this area. Odar himself uses a 30 hour washing processes and an average of 12 days for drying.