Kirorero - Rwanda

Kirorero - Rwanda

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Rose Blossom - Grapefruit - Black Tea

PRODUCERS: 2012 smallholder farmers
REGION: Boneza and Musasa, Western Province
VARIETIES: Bourbon, Jackson & Mbirizi

Kirorero starts off rich and smooth, but develops a deep complexity as it cools. Starting off, the cups reminds us of chocolate coated toffee transitioning into slightly tannic English tea flavors with hints of vanilla tea. Those tea flavors are complimented by more herbal and floral notes, with just a touch of white pepper adding some spice. What really makes us love this coffee is the delicate floral aromatics and grapefruit brightness we see pushing through as the cup opens up.

This is selected from the Kirorero washing station in Boneza. This facility is part of the COOPAC cooperatives which formed in Rwanda with just 110 members in 2001. Since that time the group has grown to represent over 8,000 smallholder farmers and operate 50 washing stations. The group emphasizes organic methods for farming while providing social services for its members. This particular station supports 2012 members in the Boneza and Musasa community. About 800 of these members are women.