Kagamuga - Papua New Guinea

Kagamuga - Papua New Guinea

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Black Currant - Hopped Cider - Bubble Gum

PRODUCERS: 1500 Smallholder Farmers
REGION: Kindeng & Arufa, Jikawa Province
VARIETIES: Typica, Arusha, Bourbon

Kagamuga takes you on a sweet and vibrant trip. On the first sip we're seeing all kinds of bright berry flavors with currant being the first to mind. This sweetness picks up more vibrant notes with some spiced overtones calling to mind fresh-pressed cider and ripe hop flowers. As the cup cools it reminds us of classic pink bubble gum.

This coffee is very different than the typical PNG you may have experienced in the past. Usually, coffees in this region are processed in a delayed washing method and often are known for their earthy flavors. This lot has been purchased in the cherry from, with the fruit still on the seed. By being collected in the cherry the mill is able to ensure the ripeness of all fruit being delivered. The slow, month long drying process preserves the vibrancy in this coffee. The herbal notes coffees from this region are know for still push though, but are expressed more in the cleaner and softer end of that spectrum.