Kabiufa - Papua New Guinea
Kabiufa - Papua New Guinea

Kabiufa - Papua New Guinea

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Fresh Sage - Persimmon - Lemon Meringue

PRODUCERS: Moses Venapo & 50 Smallholder Farmers
REGION: Kabiufa, Eastern Highlands
VARIETIES: Arusha, Bourbon & Typica 

Kabiufa's first impression reminds us of fresh fresh grapefruit zest with funky fruit undertones similar to ripe persimmon. There is a soft herbal note like fresh sage that carries through and ties between the citrus and fruit flavors. Underneath everything is a smooth creaminess that combining with the citrus zest tastes like lemon meringue pie. We love this coffee for it's unique complexity and are excited to offer it for our third year in a row.

In 2019, Moses Venapoe established a cherry collection site and washing station at his home in Kabiufa, located in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Purchasing coffee in the cherry form is almost unheard of in PNG, but is a crucial factor that ensures proper ripeness and cleanliness. Additionally, by building his own washing station he can guarantee that his coffees have ideal washing standards and care throughout the drying process.

By purchasing the coffee in the cherry, Moses is able to pay producers in his area a much higher premium for their harvests. He is also able to carefully sort for quality and give direct feedback on improving harvest practices.  

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