Juan Martin - Colombia | Gold Label Reserve
Juan Martin - Colombia | Gold Label Reserve

Juan Martin - Colombia | Gold Label Reserve

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Watermelon Gummy, Pineapple & Raspberry Truffle

PRODUCER: Banexport's Research Farm
REGION: Sotara, Cauca
PROCESS: Cherry Dried
VARIETY: Red Striped Bourbon

This coffee from Juan Martin is full of comlex and sweet fruit flavors that resolve into a fudgy rich finish. At first we’re seeing notes of watermelon gummy candies and a pineapple acidity. As the cup cools it opens up into a bouquet of tropical fruit flavors before finishing with a raspberry chocolate genache.

Finca Juan Martin is an experimental research farm for Banexport located just 30 minutes from Popayan, the capital of Cauca. The project's focus is on cultivating harvesting, and processing different varieties in order to develop appropriate practices in each step for optimum coffee quality. This farm acts as an education resource, dedicated to environmental-concious practices, for producers who sell and export their coffee through Banexport.

Being a research farm, Juan Martin is very carefully managed, adhering to the highest standards of quality, organization, and input management. This farm acts as an example of excellence for producers within Banexport's network. Through their focused work, the group is able to provide farmers with suggestions on how to improve their crops based on individual terroir and variety makeup.