GOLD LABEL RESERVE Kanda Estate AB - Kenya
GOLD LABEL RESERVE Kanda Estate AB - Kenya

GOLD LABEL RESERVE Kanda Estate AB - Kenya

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Passionfruit - Watermelon Candy - Sauvignon Blanc

PRODUCERS: The Ndatakiura family
REGION: Kirinyagae

The Kanda Estate AB has a wide range of fruit forward flavors supported by a buttery and herbal structure. The first fruit we see pushing to the forefront is passionfruit with notes of a buttery and herbal white wine underneath. The acidity opens up as the cup cools and we see a spectrum of watermelon notes from peak-of-season ripeness transitioning into more of a hard candy. The final brightness stands out as green apple and lemon zest.

The Ndatakiura family owns the small five hectare Kanda Estate in Kirinyaga county near Mount Kenya. Being at the base of a volcanic mountain, the red soil is deeply mineral rich, perfect for growing coffee. The family's fifty years of experience has allowed the to develop careful farming, harvesting and processing methods to produce beautiful washed processed coffees like this SL-28 lot.
Kenyan coffees are sorted by size, with AB being the second largest. We gravitate toward this selection as it tends to have a more rounded out sweetness to balance the acidity and complexity Kenyan coffees are known for. This is likely a two fold effect. First being a result of how fruit matures. Second being how they absorb heat in the roaster.