GOLD LABEL RESERVE Faiber Bolanos - Colombia

GOLD LABEL RESERVE Faiber Bolanos - Colombia

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Guava - Strawberry - Pineapple

Faiber Bolanos' Pink Bourbon lot is incredibly sweet and vibrant. It is full of tropical fruit, starting off with strawberry flavors all the way between fresh picked and jelly-filled hard candies. Underneath these notes are a tropical wildness reminiscent of guava and passionfruit. As the cup cools it becomes more bright, with pineapple notes pushing forward, even hinting at a West Coast style double IPA.

Faiber Bolanos is a standout coffee producer we had the honor of meeting six years ago at his farm La Esperanza, outside San Agustín in Huila. He has been a member of the Asocoación Los Naranjos since 2012, one of our all time favorite groups of coffee farmers. He is a third-generation producer with an exceptional focus on quality. Having also focused on developing his skills as a roaster and coffee taster, he now also works as the coffee buyer liaison for Los Naranjos.

This lot of Pink Bourbon has some unique harvesting and processing methods that help make it sing. He picks the coffee over the course of two days, before beginning the washed process on the second day. Delaying the traditional fermentation allows the coffee fruit to begin to break down as it would in a cherry-dried method. You can see this influence in the cup, reflected in the sweet strawberry notes. Processing coffees this way is a risk, as the coffee could develop flavors of off-fermentation, but Faiber executes it with great skill.