Francisco Pablo - Guatemala

Francisco Pablo - Guatemala

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Strawberry Jam - Almond Toffee - Chardonnay

FARM NAME: El Chalum
REGION: Todos Santos, Huehuetenango
VARIETIES: Bourbon & Caturra

Francisco Pablo's coffee is a unique and refined reflection of what one typically finds in coffees from Northeast Guatemala. We see notes of wild strawberry with undertones of peach and banana candy. The cup also carries a smooth, nutty sweetness that reminds us of almond toffee. As the cup cools a crisp, white wine acidity pushes forward with hints of oaky vanilla that develop into a marshmallow finish.

Francisco Lorenzo Pablo owns Finca El Chalum in Todos Santos, Huehuetenango, Colombia. He's a member of the ASPROCDEGUA cooperative, owning a farm about the size of eight football fields - twice the size of the group's average. We typically expect to see richer, dark berries and chocolate in coffees from this region. From our experience traveling in region, we've seen that due to the limited availability of water on some of the higher, more remote farms, many producers in the area do not fully rinse their "washed" coffees before drying. This creates a washed/honey hybrid. Francisco is committed to giving his coffee time to fully break down and rinsing three times, which gives his coffee a stand out clarity.