Finca Himalaya - El Salvador 2022
Finca Himalaya - El Salvador 2022

Finca Himalaya - El Salvador 2022

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Raspberry Jam - Green Apple - Almond Joy

PRODUCER: Mauricio Salaverria
REGION: Apaneca, Ataco
PROCESS: Cherry-dried
VARIETY: Anacafe 14

Finca Himalaya first calls to mind raspberry jam, with undertones of almond and chocolate filled pastries. The supporting notes are buttery smooth and comfortingly sweet. As the cup cools the raspberry notes brighten up and even take on the vibrancy of a crisp green apple.

Mauricio Salaverria owns multiple farms in the Apaneca Mountains. His family has been growing coffee since the 1890's, but he has earned a reputation all his own. His farms have a long history of success in the El Salvador Cup of Excellence, including multiple top 10 rankings.
The Apaneca Mountains are the home of the second coffee farm Tony ever visited back in 2008. It was the coffees grown on these mountains where he first really began to understand the influence of a coffees specific growing conditions. Slight changes in elevation or a mountain face can have surprising influence on how the end cup tastes. While even neighboring farms are noticeably different, coffees from this mountain, as a whole, are very special to us.