El Tambo - Colombia
El Tambo - Colombia

El Tambo - Colombia

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Spiced Plum - Banana Cream - Candied Almonds

PRODUCERS: 140 Women Producers
REGION: El Tambo, Cauca

El Tambo immediately tastes of the deep sweetness found in ripe plums and figs. This is supported by complex notes of the spiced and candied nuts you'll find on any carnival midway. That sweet spice and rich, almost stewed fruit, reminds us of Dr. Pepper. All of this is held together with a creamy undertone that calls to mind banana cream.

This coffee from the municipality of El Tambo is grown by the 140 producers that make up AMACA; an all-women group founded in 1999. The group has worked for over two decades to increase the production and quality of its members' coffee. Their mantra is simple: to improve the quality of life for their members and their members’ families. 
As part of Café Imports' Women Coffee Producers program, a premium was paid to the group, above the value of their coffee itself to support their goals and aspirations. As heads of their homes, this helps to provide for their families. Beyond that, they are raising funds to build a quality lab and storage facility to fully manage their coffee independently.