Alejandro Martinez - Mexico

Alejandro Martinez - Mexico

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Clementine - White Rose - Horchata

FARM NAME: Finca San Jose
REGION: Veracruz, Coatepec
VARIETY: Anacafe 14

Alejandro Martinez's coffee is full of bright and vibrant citrus flavors. We are primarily seeing tangerine and clementine. Underneath the bright juiciness, we're tasting white flowers like rose, honeysuckle, and magnolia. Cooling the cup takes on soft spice and herbal notes that add a beautiful complexity. The smooth spice has a soft creaminess to it that reminds us of nutmeg and horchata. One of the most intriguing flavors we found through out the cup was freshly dried tobacco leaf. 

This coffee is a single variety lot from Alejandro Martinez's Finca San Jose. While he grows multiple varieties across his 250-hectare farm, this selection is an isolated harvest of Anacafe 14. This variety was a naturally occurring cross between a Catimor and Pacamara; discovered in Guatemala. Being a Pacamara hybrid, this coffee has a large seed with relatively low density. These can be a challenge to roast effectively, but with the right approach we find them to be full of delicate aromas and complex flavors.

Alejandro has careful harvesting and processing practices at San Jose. Once picked and sorted for ripeness, the coffee is fermented in the cherry overnight for about 18 hours. It is depulped the following day and allowed to slowly dry for 32 days on his rooftop drying structure.  

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