Tone Bender - Dark-ish Blend

Tone Bender - Dark-ish Blend

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Crème Brûlée, Amaretto & Cocoa Nib

Tone Bender is our heaviest offering and our tribute to a simple circuit, from the Summer of '65, which changed music in immeasurable ways. This coffee has deep and rich notes of classic desserts and fine cigars. We see notes of dark chocolate, toasted sugar and ripe cherries. Floating as overtones you can pick up hints of cedar, almond, and dried tobacco leaf.

Currently, the Tone Bender is a blend of coffees from Guatemala & Colombia. They interact beautifully, creating a blend that is rich and full in the cup. The darker profile also grants the  coffee enough heft to cut through the mix of milk and sugar if that is your style. 

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