Finca Genesis - Bolivia
Finca Genesis - Bolivia

Finca Genesis - Bolivia

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Lychee, Berry Shortbread & Riesling

PRODUCER: Marcos Cabrera
REGION: Caranavi, Taipi Playa, La Paz
PROCESS: Cherry Dried
VARIETY: Red Catuai

Finca Genesis starts off light and delicate with an immediate note of lychee fruit and a hint of white wine in the finish. As the cup begins to cool, a buttery note pushes forward that reminds us of shortbread. The white wine brightens up calling to mind Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling with a berry note coming in. As the cup continues to cool, we see that berry note push forward and develop into a blueberry pie filling and mixed berry compote.

Finca Genesis is an incredibly young coffee farm. It was established in 2018 by Marcos Cabrera with a focus on ecologically-conscious practices. The entire property is 10 hectares; a third of which is planted with 5,000 coffee trees. He uses an intercropping of native plants and natural sun drying to minimize his ecological impact.

This is the first lot of Bolivian coffee we have ever worked with. Having cupped through a selection of coffees from this region we were struck by how delicate they are, leaving room for many softer flavors to push through. This lot was the standout for us and we're excited to share the experience of this unique coffee with you.