Fuzz Face - Decaf Colombia

Fuzz Face - Decaf Colombia

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Black Cherry, Spiced Nuts & Brownie Batter

Fuzz Face is an amazingly complex and complete decaf offering from Huila, Colombia. This coffee has a rich caramel and cocoa foundation with an almond butter creaminess. The finish carries a black cherry fruitiness floating over the top. Decaf de Caña shows that decaf does not have to be seen as an alternative to the cup you really want.

Our decaf offerings are processed with the E.A. method. Ethyl Acetate is a naturally occurring ester, present in bananas and a byproduct of sugar fermentation. In this case molasses is fermented to create the E.A. which is mixed with water to bind with the coffees chlorogenic acids. This method retains much more of the coffees inherent characteristics.

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