Cyato - Rwanda
Cyato - Rwanda

Cyato - Rwanda

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Fig Jam, Spiced Pear & Cashew Butter

PRODUCERS: Abadatezuka  COOP members
REGION: Nyamasheke district, Western Province
PROCESS: Fully Washed
VARIETY: Bourbon

Cyato is complex and sweet with notes of spiced cooked fruit and a smooth creamy finish. The first flavors we see are sweet and savory, dancing between guava paste and fig jam. This then brightens into a subtly-spiced poached pear. The cup then resolves into a smooth finish that reminds us of cashew butter.

The Abadatezuka Cooperative was established in 2017 to support smallholder farmers delivering coffee to the Cyato washing station in Rwanda’s Nyamasheke district. The mill is located at 1800 meters above sea level with farms producing coffee up to 2200 meters. Farmers here use no synthetic inputs for either fertilizer or pest control.

The coffee delivered to this mill is grown in the Nyungwe forest. Members of the COOP believe that the native honeybees which pollinate their trees are the secret to their coffees unique profile. Other key factors contributing to the cup include the fertile soil and the cool lake-affected climate due to their proximity to Lake Kivu.